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I'd just like to share this

I'm really not the type to get involved. I'll blog, I'll send money to the candidate of my choice when so moved, but mostly I try to stay out of the fray. I joined this community because I believe this country is in serious (SERIOUS) trouble if we elect the Republicans for another four years of hell.


Earlier today I saw a disturbing link on Yahoo's main page. It said: "Obama Tries to Steal Electoral Vote From McCain." The article it was actually linked to was really titled "Omaha's Electoral Vote Draws Obama's Attention." I wrote an email to Yahoo complaining about the obvious bias inherent in using the word "steal" in the link to this article. (I think I may have also mentioned that the only person I know of who stole electoral votes was Bush. Ahem.)

I got a standard boiler-plate reply that they get their news from various sources, blah, blah, blah (basically, we're not responsible).

I replied: "I understand that your news comes from various sources, but who decides on the headlines that are listed on Yahoo's front page? This is the actual title of the article from the AP news wire: "Omaha's Electoral Vote Draws Obama's Attention." The title of the link on Yahoo's front page: "Obama Tries to Steal Electoral Vote From McCain."

If Yahoo is responsible for titling those links, then it is Yahoo's bias that should be questioned."

I check out Yahoo a few minutes later. Guess what? The link has suddenly been retitled "Obama Tries to Take Omaha's Electoral Vote From McCain."

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't have the power to change things. Power to the people, baby.

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