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Donald Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA.

I can see just now that Trump has reached the level of the real President of the USA. His strength of a lion, his speed of a jaguar and his long sight of an eagle let him raise the USA to an absolutely new level – the level of civilization.

The cooperation with Russia as the most important friend of the USA will help the world discover existence of our land, the planet in the new dimension.

I think that the way Trump has chosen is a real historic one, being very important for our times and for the future generations.

Nikolai Shmatko


the importance of mid-term elections

Yes, it's great that our candidate won the White House again a few weeks ago, and it's terrific that Democrats maintained control of the U.S. Senate, but the U.S. House of Representatives, the members of which are elected every two years, is still controlled by Republicans. As you might be aware, the boundaries of districts for the U.S. House are drawn up by the legislatures of each state, and the number of seats each state holds in the House are determined by increases and decreases in each state, based on a federal census conducted every ten years. Because in 2010 so many states elected Republican governors and Republican-majority legislatures and because a federal census was conducted in that same year, district boundaries were redrawn in ways that favored the election of Republicans to the U.S. House in 2012. This is nothing new, in that it's been going on throughout our nation's history, and Democrats do the same when they have majorities in state legislatures and elect Democratic governors, after a federal census. My point is that when there is an election in your state for its legislature, your vote matters not only in determining how your state will be run, but also how you are represented in the U.S. House.

My point is that all of us who voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012 cannot ignore elections that take place halfway through a president's term. We must also pay attention to local and state elections, and elections to the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. The candidates we elect to other offices make a huge difference in how well a president can do his or her job, so keep your eyes open all the time, not just in a presidential election year.

For an insight into how redistricting affected the House races in Pennsylvania this year, see How Gerrymandering Helped GOP Keep Control of House, from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This is only one example, out of each of our fifty states, 27 of which are controlled by Republicans, 29 with Republican governors.

GOP Self-Deception: Bad for the National Dialogue


Despite poli-fatigue, I'm seeing something that is disturbing me.

The new narrative I'm hearing from some of my conservative friends, and what I've
seen repeated by some Fox News pundits is that voters voted FOR Obama because
they "wanted free stuff".

* Republicans tried to pass a law in Arizona saying if someone *looked* like they might
 be an immigrant, they could be stopped anway and questioned by police

* Republicans talked about "self-deportation" where they advocated making life SO
 difficult for immigrants they would take themselves away

* Republicans had minuteman volunteers with guns patrolling the border and harassing Mexicans

* Republicans fought against the Dream Act calling it "Amnesty"

* Republicans have fought against Discrimination legislation

* Republicans fought AGAINST equal pay for women

* Republicans fought against including contraception on some Health Plans (although viagra is already there for some)

and yet despite all this -- they tell themselves these groups of people voted against you
 NOT because policies were hostile to them, but rather in the extremely offensive and insulting terms of "they want free stuff".

This lack of self-reflection is good for ongoing Democrat Presidential prospects, but is bad for the country in terms of the National dialogue.  You cant advocate hostile legislation, and then say people fought against it because they're "lazy" or want to "take your stuff".

Until this changes - it hurts the country as a whole...


Post-Election: How to start moving forward...

Saw this on Facebook...

Friends and family:
With the election behind us, I feel that I can speak freely without sending out the vibe that I am trying to quell anyone's opinion, or influence your vote. It is behind us, and I am hoping that the healing of our country may continue.

The discourse that I have witnessed has made me very sad for the level of human understanding among us. Name calling—"liberal idiots," "freeloaders"—it is apparent that the impetus behind the comments are based in either ignorance of, or in the lack of desire to grasp the fact that others' core motivations could *possibly,* or *dare to* be different from our own.

I have witnessed fathers publicly flogging sons, siblings renouncing Facebook family status, and friends explosively unfriending one another, leaving smoldering piles where longtime friendships used to be. I am aware that my own family members discuss how "stupid" I am, based upon my beliefs as the lone liberal. The gamut of behaviors has been eye-opening, and has unfortunately redefined relationships among people all around me. This is appalling, but mostly just sad. And I'm certain this is not limited to my circle of friends and family. This is going on all over the country.

The comments by some I've seen, illustrate their beliefs that if one is a liberal, one is only in it for the "free stuff" and is uneducated and too simple to understand basic economics and business principles; a "liberal idiot." Their comments widely generalize that anyone who would dare not vote conservative is on the government dole, or aspires to be so. These stereotypes are as offensive as the man yesterday, who told me it was time to vote the nigger out of office. It is every bit as repulsive.

If you hold this stereotype near to your heart, perhaps you don't *really* know any liberals. Let me introduce you to some. We aren't standing in the government assistance line. My family believes I'm an idiot, in spite of a 136 IQ, and the ability to figure out how to make a *very* nice life for myself, including building a successful business, and having the financial wherewithal to be able to scale back in order to raise two great kids. My friends include Ph.D.s in macroeconomics, environmental science and rhetoric, as well as MD's and business leaders in the petroleum, chemical and building industries, all of whom have multiple graduate degrees. And not to forget my kind-hearted and very intelligent husband, who holds both an MBA and an MA in anthropology, and is on the management team for a division of one of the largest corporations globally. We are your liberal idiots.

Of all my liberal friends, not one of our households falls below the top 2% of income-earners in the country, and has never *not* paid a very healthy tax bill. We *are* those who are likely to see a tax increase with the current legislative trajectory. But we feel it's worth the investment in the long run. We believe in our country. We believe in the investment in education, research and development and the continued improvement of our infrastructure.

The last I checked, we live in a free country; a country where religion is not a qualifier, and what goes on in our homes is *our* business. A country where we are created and treated equally, regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation. Yes, I am a liberal. I am however *not* an idiot. I'm not in search of "free stuff." And I DO understand the inner workings of corporate America *very* well.

So now that this election is over, it's my hope that we can all move forward as friends and family who respect one another for both our similarities and our differences. As an electorate, we are made up of differing opinions and backgrounds. This is what our forefathers expected when they set forth our structure of government, and it's ability to change and adapt…. "in order to create a more perfect union."

As a very wise woman recently said, "Not one man makes a country, and one man will not destroy it." We're all in this together. And if we set forth with the understanding that we are all different, and stereotypes and preconceived notions are destructive, then we can attempt to heal and help one another understand how we can all take part in the betterment of our country. The healing begins with changing the dialog. I do not exclude myself. We should all look at how our words reflect our true feelings. And if our words are hurtful, then perhaps we should reexamine our core beliefs.

Change doesn't come from making generalizing and nasty comments on Facebook and blogs. If you want to affect change, take this time to write to, or call your senators and congresspersons. Change comes from *you* telling *them* what you want. Or better still, run for public office.

As Ohio faces vote-rigging lawsuit, are Dems ready to safeguard votes?

Apparently unreviewed and uncertified software patches were applied to 44 voting machines
recently, without telling people.
Any software going on the voting machines is supposed to be reviewed and certified ahead of time
Considering the company that makes the voting machines is owned by one of Romney's sons, this is particularly
alarming it is happening in a critical swing state.

Romney would have cut funding for FEMA if he were President...

(Mitt Romney is trying to weather) the fallout from his suggestion during the G.O.P. primaries that he was in favor of dismantling federal emergency management and privatizing relief efforts. At a CNN debate in June, 2011, the moderator John King engaged the candidates in a discussion about the role of government. When he got to Romney, the exchange went like this:

Collapse )

So Romney is in favor of keeping FEMA, after all—or is he? On Monday afternoon, even before Sandy had hit, the editorial page of the Times invoked Romney’s 2011 comments in the debate and asked, “Does Mr. Romney really believe that financially strapped states would do a better job than a properly functioning federal agency? Who would make decisions about where to send federal aid? Or perhaps there would be no federal aid, and every state would bear the burden of billions of dollars in damages.” So far, the Obama campaign hasn’t adopted this mode of attack, probably because it doesn’t need to. With the President sticking to the line that the election is the furthest thing from his mind, it can rely on the media to make life even more difficult for Team Romney, which is clearly struggling to come up with a post-Sandy strategy.

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