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Today in Fluffy News

I might actually have to watch the Grammys this time. Unless this is one of those awards they give at the earlier ceremony:

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama will compete with former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter at the Grammy Awards in February, organizers said on Thursday.

The audio-book versions of their latest tomes were all nominated for best spoken-word album, along with titles by poet Maya Angelou and actor Alan Alda.

In recent years, the category has been a virtual gift to the Democratic Party.

Carter won the race in 2007, in a tie with actors Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, while Obama took the prize the year before. Clinton won in 2005 for his autobiography "My Life." A year earlier, he took home the award for best spoken-word children's album.

AP wonders which foods everyone hates:

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: "I like nearly everything. I don't like, you know, things that are still alive." [???]

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: "I can't stand mushrooms. I don't want them on anything that I eat. And I have had to eat them because you get food served and it's sitting there and you're starving, so you eat."

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: "Beets, and I always avoid eating them."

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: Mushrooms, specifically. "I'm not a big vegetable eater." Recalling the first President Bush's distaste for broccoli, he said: "I sympathize with that fully."

Was there some weird incident when HRC was traveling around as First Lady where she was served a living creature? I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to the Clinton administration after 1993. And I agree about beets. I feel a bit weird agreeing with Giuliani, though.
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